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Diagonal outlet conical outlet - half round gutter

Size: 280/118 / 333/139 / 400/169
Not available in all sizes

The diagonal outlet has an installation angle of 40°. The conical outlet conveys even large quantities of water safely and reliably. With the conical downpipe diverter, a pleasing appearance and safe drainage are guaranteed. next

Diagonal outlet - cylindrical outlet - half round gutter

Size: 280/80 / 333/100

The diagonal outlet has an installation angle of 40°. Its cylindrical outlet allows a direct connection into the diameter of the downpipe. next

the GRÖMO diagonal gutter outlet – It takes a diagonal path.

A pretty skewed idea.

Available in two different designs, the installation angle of 40° is pre-determined by the design with the diagonal gutter outlet from GRÖMO. The difference in the two versions is how it can be connected.

For the diagonal nozzle with cylindrical outlet, it can be connected directly to the far side of the downpipe. The 40° GRÖMO pipe elbow at the end of the pipe guides the downpipe into a vertical position.

The diagonal gutter outlet with conical outlet has the special feature of leading the downpipe diverter from the gutter outlet to the vertical pipe through a conical diagonal pipe in conjunction with the 40° GRÖMO pipe elbow.