Rainwater pipe flap with handle and sieve

The rainwater pipe flap’s pleasing appearance and reliable functionality make it a compelling choice: The water is guided safely and surely into the rain barrel. The integrated leaf guard prevents contaminations from getting into the rain barrel or downpipe. It’s easy to remove and clean.

Material / Nominal size 80 87 100 120
   Zinc 62814      
   Pre-weathered quartz zinc 66814   66818  
   Copper 60814 60816    
   Galvanised steel 50814     50820
   UGINOX Patina K41 56814     56820
   UGINOX Top 304 58814   58818  
   Aluminum   84816 84818 84820

Regularly clean sieve and remove in winter due to risk of frost!

 Discontinued item, available only while stocks last

Spare part: Sieve

Material / Nominal size 76
87 100 120
   Stainless steel
54220 54221 54222 54223

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