Pioneering spirit.

Steadily higher since 1888

Karl Theodor Rösle


GRÖMO arose from the small beginnings of an innovative craft workshop. The master tinsmith, Karl Theodor Rösle, founded his company Rösle in 1888. Early on, he recognized the opportunities of industrial manufacturing that was still in the early stages of development for many industries. He didn’t want to come to terms with the limitations of purely artisanal work. His goal was to connect this top quality but inefficient production method with new industrialized manufacturing methods. And he expanded the original range of Rösle metal goods for building and roofing in 1903 into a new product line: Rösle cookware. 

RÖSLE production at around 1900


If Karl Theodor Rösle was still working with his companions and assistants from a small area downtown, his sons already moved to a bigger factory on what was then the outskirts of Marktoberdorf in 1919. The company continued to grow, and moved to their current location in 1993/94. 

Both product areas developed so well in their markets that the owners - except for members of the Rösle family - decided to legally separate the two divisions to give them the ideal space to develop. And so GRÖMO went from just a brand name to an independent company in 2002, Grömo GmbH & Co. KG. Despite this separation, the economical and spatial link lives on.

RÖSLE cookware


Karl Theodor Rösle was also a pioneer in the area of branding. Early on, he realized the importance of spreading brand quality awareness among buyers of industry products. The first registered trademark originates from 1924. In 2002, GRÖMO went from purely a brand name to an independent company, Grömo GmbH & Co. KG, and the eight-point GRÖMO star became a registered logo in Germany; since then, it has been engraved on many products as an additional trademark. 

The common threads throughout GRÖMO’s entire history are the innovative strength, the high standard of quality, the orientation to the needs of tinsmiths and roofers - and the company location in Marktoberdorf.

Plug-in gutter outlet from 1927


An example of GRÖMO’s innovative strength is the plug-in gutter outlet. Their success story began in the 1920s. The two tinsmiths Karl and Georg Rösle, sons of the company founder Karl Theodor Rösle, invented the gutter outlet in 1927 and had it patented in Switzerland. It was folded and soldered at the time; its former name was “nozzles” or “roof gutter head.” 

Continually streamlined, often copied, unrivaled to this day

The gutter outlet was continually improved over the years and adapted to increasing requirements. So today it’s butt welded, which allows the connections between the two half shells to be hardly discernible anymore. But most notably, it’s equipped with a spring clip that makes a fast, secure connection from gutter outlet and elbows possible. The GRÖMO gutter outlet is inspected in accordance with DIN EN 12056-3. The measurement results of the drain capacity were determined by the Technical University of Munich in accordance with the specifications of DIN EN 12056-3. In doing so, it was confirmed that GRÖMO gutter outlet not only meet the standard, they surpass it. 

A good product soon finds copycats: The gutter outlet has been copied many times. The original is discernible by the GRÖMO star, which has been engraved on every gutter outlet since 1995. The GRÖMO star has been registered as a logo since 2002 and cannot be copied. It stands for top quality materials, innovative products, and expert solutions that make work easier and more cost-effective for tinsmiths and roofers. You know it’s the original gutter outlet in the industry when many customers ask for the “gutter outlet with the star.”