It all comes down to the gutter accessories.

The roof drainage system - consisting of roof gutter, the connecting rainwater downpipe and the connectors - is responsible for collecting running rain- and meltwater from the roof and diverting it in a controlled way. Since this prevents the outer and cellar walls from being penetrated by moisture, it’s important to be able to rely on it at all times. 

Above all, gutter accessories are crucial when absolute reliability is needed. Whether gutter outlets, gutter corners, gutter end caps or gutter connectors, the spots that matter most are not the long straight lines. It’s the spots on the rain gutter where two pieces meet and need to have a perfectly water-tight connection. 

GRÖMO gutter outlets and hoppers - a sensible combination.

Gutter outlets channel rainwater away from the rain gutter and into the downpipe. They are available from Grömo in all standard materials. Whether they’re made from galvanised steel, zinc, pre-weathered zinc, copper, UGINOX Patina K41, UGINOX Top304, stainless steel or aluminium, all gutter outlets are corrosion-resistant, made to last and extremely sturdy. They allow you to choose between different connections, which makes them especially well suited for many areas of application.

The gutter outlets are compatible with 200-500mm diameter roof gutters and 60-150mm diameter drainpipes in accordance with DIN EN 612. This means they can be combined with any drainpipe, allowing full freedom of design.

Elbows bring the pipe to the house.

With the claim “One step ahead of the rain” Grömo promises to guide rainwater down the best route away from the roof and into the sewer connection. Since this can never be a straight path, elbows can’t be forgotten. Their bends allow the downpipe from the rainwater gutter to be as close to the walls of the house as possible. For one thing, this has a visual advantage. For another, the drainpipe can be fastened perfectly to the house façade.

Grömo elbows are available in a variety of designs. Whether drainpipe elbows, sliding pipe elbows, swan necks or segmented elbows, Grömo’s range of elbows has the right option ready for wherever the roof drainage system has to take a turn. The elbows are available in standard materials such as galvanised steel, zinc, pre-weathered zinc, copper, UGINOX Patina K41, UGINOX Top304 and aluminium.

Pipe accessories from Grömo - you can’t go without.

Anyone building or renovating a house will inevitably have to worry about a roof drainage system sooner or later. Everyone thinking right now that all it takes is a couple roof gutters and a downpipe should take a closer look at a rain gutter on a house. 

Pipe accessories, of course, is a broad term. For a start, there are add-on pieces that can be integrated into a system. This can be done either at the beginning or later on. These pieces range from rainwater pipe flaps for removing rainwater, to leaf catchers for protecting the system from dirt and leaves, to odour traps.

Rainwater standpipes from Grömo - Stand up great.

The standpipe forms the connection between the downpipe and the sewer pipe. Thus the pipe is especially susceptible to all kinds of damage here, be it from the lawn mower, snow shovel, brush, traffic or weathering. That’s why standpipes are manufactured from robust materials to be very sturdy.

We use galvanised steel or copper for our standpipes because we value the quality of our products very highly. Thus they are corrosion-resistant, made to last, sturdy and functional.

Grömo roof accessories - the best for the roof.

With roof accessories from Grömo, upgrading your roof is not only easy. It will also win you over with all kinds of extra benefits. Whether it’s an aerial socket, ventilator or other roof penetration, Grömo’s roof elements keep everything secure and safely connected.  

Chimney protection - we won’t leave your chimney alone.

A chimney has to face changing weather conditions throughout the year on the roof. It’s important for a chimney not to give moisture any opportunity to work its way into the roof structure or even into the stonework. There are a couple spots that need special attention in this matter.

Grömo’s chimney protection range includes aids that lend their support to the chimney. They can be mounted quickly and without complication, protect the chimney from weather damage and penetrating moisture and also set a visual eye-catcher on the roof. Their weather-resistant material is rust-proof and sturdy, making them especially long-lasting. That means that once they’re mounted, you don’t have to worry about them for a long time.