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Sealing element

Size: 80 / 100 / 125 / 150

The seal creates support and perfectly centres the downpipe and standpipe, as well as the standpipe and connecting piece. It also ensures that the connection is gas-tight and allows no backflow. next

Sealing element from GRÖMO – Round must go with round.

Tightly keeps its promise.

If a connector is connected to a standpipe or standpipes are connected to each other, one of them can’t be missing. The sealing element. It guarantees no more dripping and that water stays where it belongs. The seal provides optimum centering for the connector from the downpipe to the standpipe.

Solid qualities.

The GRÖMO sealing elements are made of waterproof, age-resistant EPDM rubber. Available in the common nominal sizes, you’ll find the right seal for any pipe here.