The STG pipe bracket support is a high-quality fastener that was specially developed for mounting on walls with thermal insulation systems. It consists of rust-proof stainless steel and has an elastic rubber inset. This holds the pipe bracket bolt in place and simultaneously provides thermal separation for the downpipe and acoustic separation for the brickwork.... more

STG pipe bracket support

Not available in all sizes

The SPI pipe bracket plug for subsequent mounting in thermal insulation system. It blends perfectly into the wall structure. Because it is fully made from plastic, no thermal bridges form and the thermal separation works. The rosette seals the drill hole perfectly, ensuring that the closure looks nice.... more

SPI pipe bracket plug

Not available in all sizes

The hanger bolt, the link between downpipe bracket and brickwork, for easy mounting on brickwork, natural stone, concrete, or wood.... more

Hanger bolt M10

Not available in all sizes

The thermo stop is mainly used for mounting pipe brackets that can be precisely adjusted with the stainless steel M10 threaded stud and mounted quickly. It reduces the impact of cold and heat, thus preventing damage to buildings.... more

Thermo stop

Not available in all sizes

The baseplate is a fastening element with a threaded nut welded on. This allows fastening elements to be attached to the building ground.... more

Baseplate with threaded nut M8/M10

Not available in all sizes

The ring bolt provides a secure, reliable seal for the pipe bracket.... more

Ring bolt

Not available in all sizes

Fastening technology from GRÖMO – How the professionals install.

Off to the wall.

The patented GRÖMO fastening systems for insulated facades put an end to improvised solutions. Whether first insulated and then plugged, or the other way around: with the STG pipe bracket support or the SPI pipe bracket anchor, pipe brackets, signs, and lights are mounted on the facade in no time. It doesn’t get simpler or smarter than that. Because the sturdy, durable, and non-rusting brackets are ideal for thermal and acoustic separation from the downpipe and facade. Thanks to the flush installation, they don’t just provide the necessary support for the downpipe, but also protect the house wall from moisture and driving rain. If you decide on one of the GRÖMO fastening systems, you’re choosing a way without cost-intensive repairs for poorly fastened pipes. And it’s actually suitable for almost all wall materials, and nearly all insulation thicknesses. And the best part is that letterboxes, lights, house numbers, door plates, and much more can be put up on the house wall using the supports, along with downpipe brackets, where they’ll be perfectly firm and sturdy.