GRÖMO plug-in gutter outlets surpass the standard

The measurement results were determined by the Technical University of Munich, in accordance with the specifications of EN 12056-3. It was confirmed that GRÖMO gutter outlets not only meet the standard, but surpass it.

But the measurement results can only be achieved and guaranteed by using the gutter cut-out template developed by GRÖMO.

The standard-compliant GRÖMO gutter outlet thus stands for certainty in calculation and defect-free building work.


GRÖMO gutter cut-out template

The combination of GRÖMO gutter outlet and gutter cut-out using the template guarantees correct craftsmanship. This is the only way to get the precisely calculated drain capacity, too.

Download out GRÖMO gutter cut-out template as a PDF so you can print it out yourself. Please pay attention to the control scale on the printout!

Cutting template for oval plug-in gutter outlet
GRÖMO applications engineer Christian Loderer

You can get a plastic cutting template for oval plug-in gutter outlets from us upon request, at no charge.

Just order via e-mail or contact us directly to ask:

Christian Loderer

Master tinsmith at GRÖMO