Rohrzubehör Standard Zink - Zink

With the sliding sleeve, complicated standpipe connections are a thing of the past. Simply slide the long socket on the lower end of the downpipe, swing it back, and insert into the standpipe. The pressed standpipe cap ensures a nice connection and safely and reliably prevents sliding down into the standpipe.... more

Sliding sleeve

Nominal size
76, 80, 87, 100, 120

Not available in all sizes

the sliding sleeve from GRÖMO – The perfect transition.

Connects what belongs together.
A sliding sleeve is required for fashioning the perfect transition to the standpipe in a roof drainage system. It guarantees a secure connection, and ensures that rainwater will be conveyed into the sewer system. The sliding sleeve from GRÖMO is available in different materials and nominal sizes 76, 80, 87, 100, and 120 mm. Their total height is 24 cm, and comes with a pre-assembled, matching standpipe cap.