With high-quality products, innovative solutions, and convenient installation, GRÖMO makes working with the roof faster, more cost-effective, and more successful. Quality, Innovation, Convenience - our core values are part of every one of our roof drainage components. Recognizable by the GRÖMO tinsmith star.

More than 130 years of experience in metal working, embodied “Made in Germany” results, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art production technology are what make up premium products and consistently trendsetting innovations.

Welcome to the specialists for roof drainage!

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functional details for easy assembly

More than 130 years of experience in metal working, pioneering spirit, and knowledge about the growing challenges of working with roofs are what make up consistently trendsetting innovations at GRÖMO.

Sophisticated product details and highly functional precision work make work easier for you - be it minor changes in geometry, another gutter, an extra spring or a prepared opening.

Our products are continually developed further in constant dialogue with customers, and streamlined in quality, functionality, and application.

State-of-the-art production at GRÖMO | © GRÖMO


Not for nothing has GRÖMO become the leading premium brand in Europe. A crucial part of the high product quality is meeting all the relevant standards. GRÖMO roof drainage components are manufactured according to EN 612. All specifications required under the standard, such as thickness or cutting of the material, are met in every respect. This is what the GRÖMO star stands for as a symbol of quality and the brand.

According to the standard specification of 1 July 2001, the drainage capacity of mounted and inset gutters, gutter drains, and downpipes must correspond to DIN EN 12056-3. You have absolute security during planning and calculating with the plug-in gutter outlets and diagonal outlets from GRÖMO.

The exact measurement data and related patterns for the right outlet opening are available under the “Tools and Service” heading for reliable, standardized installation. GRÖMO also offers a practical cutting template made of impact-resistant acrylic glass, which you can request from us using the contact form.

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Premium materials are the first prerequisite for high quality and excellent accuracy of fit. At GRÖMO, only high-quality raw materials from European suppliers are used.

With agreements for liability assumption and material guarantee, GRÖMO offers even more security. The agreements were made with the two big industry associations, ZVSHK and ZVDH. They apply for all independent craftspeople and craft companies entered in the Register of Craft Businesses who are members of one of the associations related to ZVDH or ZVSHK, and cover damage that occurs due to errors in construction, manufacturing, material, or because of flawed instructions (e.g., incorrect assembly instructions). For client claims, GRÖMO assumes the respective obligations. The rights and responsibilities of the contracting partners are regulated in detail in the agreements. The prerequisites for a guarantee claim and contents can be found in the contracts.

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Guaranteed Quality

In order that our customers always have the security and retain the quality that we promise, we do not allow any compromises when selecting suppliers, nor during testing and checking our products.

Strict monitoring, full documentation of all work processes, continual improvement, and regular employee trainings form the foundation for GRÖMO’s quality standards.

Because it's only through consistent high quality that we can satisfy our customers on a long-lasting basis: They’re the ones who decide if our products are meeting the expectations set in place.

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individual customer solutions

Special service for unusual requirements and wishes: Numerous accessories that aren’t available in the series in the design you would like can be custom made by GRÖMO on an individual basis. This saves you time and money by eliminating costly customization work and can still fulfill the wishes of your customers. In the customary high GRÖMO quality.

Hoppers can be manufactured in all five metals as needed, or in various shapes and surfaces. We also produce and supply custom gutter corners and extensions tailored to your needs. Precision and care in manufacturing combined with high functionality and accuracy of fit characterize GRÖMO’s manually produced products.

High delivery capacity due to production "Made in Germany" | © GRÖMO


GRÖMO is there for their customers with about 3,500 products, custom designs, and comprehensive service. The high delivery capacity can mainly be attributed to the production in Germany. This enables nearly every product to be immediately available off the shelf. It also enables short production times, fast implementation of custom designers, and prompt distribution to specialist retailers.