Edelstahl - Edelstahl

The oval leaf sieve is a precise fit for the gutter section of the GRÖMO oval plug-in gutter outlet. This keeps the leaf sieve from slipping into the gutter outlet and provides safe, reliable protection against leaves entering the downpipe.... more

Leaf sieve oval

Nominal size
280, 333, 400

Not available in all sizes

Rinnenzubehör, Standard Stahl verzinkt, Edelstahl rostfrei Ø 60 mm, 75-80 mm, 85-90 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm,  - Edelstahl

The leaf catch is good for universal use and works with everything from the soldering support to the hopper. It safely and reliably prevents leaves from entering the downpipe.... more

Leaf sieve

Nominal size
60, 75-80, 85-90, 100, 120, 150

Not available in all sizes

the GRÖMO gutter leaf catch – No more leaves.

Enough of leaves in the downpipe.

Ergonomically shaped and light in the hand, the gutter leaf catch earns points for its extremely simple operation and assembly. The handy leaf catcher is easily inserted into the outlet nozzle and reliably keeps leaves in the roof gutter far away from the drainpipe. This makes sure that, along with the drainpipe, nothing can block up the underground water pipes or sewer system. The filigree wire of the gutter sieve guarantees a high level of water permeability - even under heavy leaf fall. The sophisticated leaf sieve is smoothly compatible with outlet nozzles with a diameter of 60 to 150 mm. Installation can even be done retroactively in already existing drainpipes, quickly and simply at any time.

Not every material can work with everything.

Whether stainless steel, galvanized steel, or copper - the GRÖMO gutter leaf catch is available in a variety of designs depending on individual need. It is corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant, and can handle any challenge. But it’s important to make sure that you only use a gutter sieve with material that tolerates the material in the roof gutter, the gutter outlet, and the downpipe. For example, a galvanized gutter sieve or leaf catching sieve should not be used with a copper roof gutter. Otherwise, the copper ions in the gutter can affect the galvanized gutter leaf catch and destroy it.