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Stud caps are moulded pieces of metal. They are soldered over mounting holes and ensure a firm connection for directly mounted metals. They are mainly used in monument protection.... more

Stud caps

Nominal size
30, 35

Not available in all sizes

the stud cap from GRÖMO – No chance of holes.

We’re always taking it up a notch.

As craft workers are aware, holes form wherever screws go in. These are less than ideal on the roof, as they always pose a weak point for leakproofness. To prevent rainwater from trying to make its way through the roof and down below, it’s recommended to cover and seal up screw holes.

These are made of weather-resistant zinc or copper, and are for covering mounting holes; just set it over these and solder. They are available in all typical nominal sizes, 30 to 35 mm. We supply stud caps in packages of 100.