Rohrzubehör  Standard  Zink - Zink

If the downpipe diameter needs to be expanded, the adapter cone is used. With it, accessory parts or downpipes with a pipe diameter of 60 mm to 87 mm can be connected to a downpipe with a nominal size of 100 mm.... more

Adapter cone - universal

Nominal size

Not available in all sizes

the adapter cone from GRÖMO – Quadruple fit.

One becomes four.
With the adapter cone from GRÖMO, a pipe with a smaller diameter can be connected to a rainwater downpipe with a diameter of 100 mm. The adapter cones can also be used if you don’t know the diameter of the smaller pipe. Because the pipe’s reducer can be adjusted quite easily. The adapter cone can be shortened to 76, 80, or 87 mm using plate shears or a metal saw. This makes a reducer suitable for four different pipe diameters.