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The designer water collector is not only aesthetically impressive, it also has numerous functions: The integrated spiral screw results in a small reduction in the cross-section of the downpipe and thus ensures a particularly high yield. The rain barrel only fills up to the desired water level and diverts excess water directly into the sewage system. The designer water collector is frost-resistant and easy to install.... more

Designer water collector

Nominal size

Not available in all sizes

Uginox Patina K41
Aluminium blank 
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The water collector regulates the rainwater in an overflow. It controls the desired water level in the rain barrel and guides the overflowing rainwater directly into the sewer. It works with all current drainpipes, is a breeze to install and uninstall for cleaning, and ensures clean rainwater without getting your feet wet.... more

Water collectors

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76, 80, 87, 100, 120

Not available in all sizes

Water collector from GRÖMO – Finally, one that thinks for itself.

No more overflows here.

Anyone who collects rainwater in a rain barrel knows the problem. When you aren’t thinking about it or are out of the house, it’s that time again. The barrel runs over because you didn’t close the rainwater pipe flap in time. That’s done with now. With the water collector from GRÖMO, this is finally a thing of the past. Because this thinks for itself and self-regulates when the rainwater stops running into the barrel.

Never more than necessary.

How does the water collector do it? The secret is the double-walled setup inside. The water runs down on the outer wall of the downpipe and is caught by the double-walled sheet, and then guided into the rain barrel through the closed hose there. There, the rainwater is then collected under the rainwater collector’s bead marking. If this height is reached, the identical water column in the barrel ensures that the water is no longer conducted through the hose, but flows directly through the middle of the collector and conveyed directly into the sewer system. If you then remove water from the barrel, the water column sinks and water can return to flowing through the hose.

The GRÖMO water collector fits on all common drainpipes, comes with a hose connection set, and is available in copper, zinc, aluminum, and UGINOX Patina K41. All materials are frost-resistant, meaning it can be left installed in the drainpipe even in the winter. Only the hose has to be removed and the barrel emptied. With a slider, the collector can be fully removed and reinstalled for cleaning.

And it’s that easy to install.

  1. Decide where you want the rain barrel (cannot be near the drainpipe). To prevent overflows, plan for a maximum water level of about 4 cm under the top edge of the barrel. The upper bead marking on the water collector corresponds to the height of the maximum water level.
  2. Separate the downpipe to install the collector accordingly.
  3. Especially important: Deburr both pipe ends cleanly. The pipe coming from above absolutely must be rounded down on the inner sawed edge to prevent tearing off the water film.
  4. First, insert the removable upper part on the upper pipe. Then insert the water collector into the lower pipe, and now push the upper part of the collector down from above. Please do not solder the headpiece in place, as the collector can’t be removed for cleaning otherwise. The upper end of the downpipe may protrude into the collector headpiece by no more than 4 cm.
  5. Mark the hole for the intake opening of the barrel about 6 cm below the mark for the maximum water level. Then drill the hole in the barrel (Ø 28 mm).

Installation options

  • Standard installation: Connect the barrel connector to the barrel and then insert the hose that was included.
  • Installation for free-standing rain barrel: For this type of installation, obtain and attach a 1” hose.