Materials and coating

The base material of our GRÖMO ALUSTAR product line is aluminium. The majority of the products are manufactured from polished aluminium alloys and then powder-coated piece by piece. In contrast, gutters and downpipes as well as the DUOFALZ coloured strips are produced from coil-coated aluminium alloys. The GRÖMO ALUSTAR range is rounded off by accessory products made from other materials (e.g. stainless steel, galvanised steel), which are either without any further surface treatment or powder-coated. In our product catalogue or on the website, the material of these accessory products is indicated either directly next to the product material or in the footnote.

Differences in colour

Due to the different coating processes between piece- and coil-coated products, there may be slight differences in colour and gloss level in appearance. The coating systems can also exhibit different weathering behaviour in the long term.

The RAL values given in our documents are approximate values which may differ from the original GRÖMO ALUSTAR colour and under certain circumstances may not reflect someone’s subjective view of the colour. For exact colour determinations, original samples or our GRÖMO ALUSTAR colour sample fan should therefore be consulted.

Special colours

If your desired colour is not included in our standard colours, you can also get GRÖMO ALUSTAR as a custom-made product in your very own desired colour. Please note that powder coating is only possible for products with a maximum length of 3m.

Depending on the quantity and colour shade, there may be flat-rate surcharges and longer delivery times. For further information is available from your GRÖMO contact.