Zink, Quartz Zinc vorbewittert, Stahl verzinkt, Stahl verzinkt Testa di Moro, UGINOX Patina K41, Aluminium blank
Stumpfgeschweißt - Zink

Smaller overhangs, such as with projecting wall sections, can be bridged quickly and elegantly with the swan neck.... more

Swan necks

Nominal size
76, 80, 87, 100, 120

Not available in all sizes

the GRÖMO swan neck – Elegant against wall projections and spurs.

Bridging made easy.

The swan neck, also called an offset, serves to bridge wall projections and spurs thanks to its overhang. The GRÖMO swan neck has an overhang of 60 mm and is available in zinc, pre-weathered zinc, copper, galvanized steel, Testa die Moro galvanized steel, UGINOX Patina K41, and polished aluminum. The swan neck can be mounted quickly and easily to downpipes or other elbows. It is made in nominal sizes 76, 80, 87, 100, and 120 mm in accordance with DIN EN 612. For bigger overhangs, two pipe elbows can be connected together.