The pre-punched inflow opening (DN 75/DN 100/DN 110) and pre-mounted seal make for easy installation. Where it previously had to be tediously cut and adjusted, the hopper can now easily be inserted through the prepared inflow opening on the pipe and mounted directly on the wall. 

The flat roof hopper is also impressive due to its novel, aesthetic shape and its functional details. Thus the inspection cover and the large overflow pipe ensure safe drainage on the roof. The hopper is available with or without intake opening, and thus can be used flexibly.

Assembly of a GRÖMO flat roof hopper: Step 1 | © GRÖMO

Open for quick assembly

Pre-punched intake opening and pre-mounted seal make it easy: Just stick the hopper on the intake pipe - and it stays.

Assembly of a GRÖMO flat roof hopper: Step 2 | © GRÖMO

On the wall and done

The hopper can be mounted directly on the wall according to alignment.