Fits perfectly.
Lasts a long time.


The GRÖMO standpipe ensures fluid transitions. As a fixed component in roof drainage, the standpipe provides protection against damage in areas prone to impact. Particularly smart: The perfectly fitting transition from rainwater downpipe to standpipe makes the standpipe cap unnecessary. The built-in seal provides support and keeps the two pipes perfectly centered. There’s more space to move for cleaning thanks to the standpipe’s large cleaning opening (optional).

Assembly of GRÖMO standpipe

No need for connector

Insert standpipe into the main sewer system. Fits directly in all common sewer pipes, no connector necessary.

Assembly of GRÖMO standpipe

Just insert

Insert rainwater downpipe into the standpipe’s long-sleeve socket.

Assembly of GRÖMO standpipe

Mounts quickly without standpipe cap

No standpipe cap is needed thanks to the perfectly fitting transition.