Material properties

GRÖMO manufactures roof drainage accessories in five different materials with nine different surfaces. Only European vendors are used as suppliers. This guarantees high quality in the raw material, and is a prerequisite for the high quality standards of GRÖMO.



Alchemists associated this beautiful red metal with Venus. Along with gold, silver and tin, it is a metal that has been worked with for around 9,000 years. Christopher Columbus used copper sheets to protect his ship from algae infestation. The Statue of Liberty in New York consists of about 80 tonnes of copper. Tombs in Egypt have yielded 5,000-year-old copper wires - that still work.


Overview of properties and advantages:

  • Long lifespan due to corrosion resistance and the formation of a bonded, non-toxic protective layer when exposed to atmospheric weathering 
  • No reverse side corrosion 
  • Good machinability, even if implementing intricate details 
  • No impact on formability, even at low temperatures 
  • High cost effectiveness 
  • Low cleaning and maintenance costs 
  • Goes well with other materials thanks to natural surface patina 
  • Appearance improves over time due to natural weathering process 

Melting point: 1.083 °C
Length variation at 100 K: 1,7 mm/m
Density: 8,93 kg/dm³

Surface weight

Assembly of metals