ZVSHK roof and facade check

The roof and facade check for secure, strong building envelopes made of metal.

Roofs and facades made of metal give your house more than a distinctive face. But that’s also an obligation. Because what if there are energy-related leaks? Or if loose parts fall down and cause damage? Then the homeowner is liable.

Regular precautions save money
Leaks and moisture damage are often the result of blocked rain gutters or unsealed spots on the chimney cladding. A professional roof and facade check can help point out defects and avoid expensive repair costs. 

The roof and facade check: the professional look that creates security.
A roof and facade check takes a look and reviews in otherwise unreachable nooks and crannies. The final inspection report answers questions such as the following: 

  • Are all metal parts intact? 
  • Are all attachments stormproof?
  • Are rain gutters and downpipes clear?
  • Are window sheets and chimney cladding leakproof? 
  • Are the roof drainage, lightning protection system, and snow guard in perfect working order? 

“We check for Germany“ 
The roof and facade check is part of the “We check for Germany” program set up throughout the country. It involves inspection procedures that are extremely important for home management. Every check helps recognize opportunities for saving, increase security, lower operating costs, and conserve resources. 

Trust the expert
Choose a roof and facade check through your SHK-affiliated specialist company.
Today if possible. We look forward to your call.