• Outstanding quality.
    Accurately fitting products.
    Content customers.
  • Insert elbow.
    Turn elbow.
    Elbow has lasting fit.
    The GRÖMO gutter outlet. The one and only.
  • Plugged in fast.
    Perfectly connected.
    Corner and gutter.
    The GRÖMO gutter corners.
  • Always fits.
    Universal fit.
    Without flaring.
    The conical pipe elbow
  • Robust.
    Fits perfectly.
    Lasts a long time.
    The Grömo standpipe
  • Plug in.
    The plug-in gutter end cap
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MK: 638
GRÖMO price column: 626-650
LME: 2145
GRÖMO price column: 2001-2250

Company anniversary

Roof drainage specialist GRÖMO celebrates their 130th anniversary

GRÖMO emerged from the humble beginnings of an innovative craft workshop in 1888. What would today be called a “startup” has grown over 130 years into a leading manufacturer of roof drainage components with over 100 employees.