perfectly structured.


The components of a roof drainage system primarily have the task of draining rainwater safely from roofs. But that’s not all. Because even the external parts are still visible, their design is also a factor.




Looks matter on the roof too

Components of roof drainage are an important design tool in buildings. They can enhance the appearance of a house, emphasize its architectural style, and even become an eye-catcher on the facade.


Even in modern architecture, value is placed on an overall picture that is coherent in form. This is why GRÖMO has devoted an entire product line to the theme of design.

Innovative aesthetic: The design-line from GRÖMO

Whether discreetly integrated or a design tool that emphasizes the features - GRÖMO roof drainage components help enhance the beautiful appearance of any building object. Especially with the innovative designer line from GRÖMO, roof drainage becomes an eye-catcher and a unique stylistic element on the roof or on the facade.

The designer line is also impressive in functionality

It’s the perfect solution for discerning customers who value the highest quality, maximum functionality, and modern design. It scores points among architects for its design, which incorporates the styling of modern architecture, and among craft workers for its easy, fast assembly.

Perfect for modern architecture

The products in the designer line are excellently suited for use in modern architecture - be it public buildings, office and administrative buildings, production facilities, or single-family houses or apartment buildings.


The new design line uniquely combines excellent functionality with a pleasing appearance. The idea of aesthetic roof drainage impressed leading selection committees from the beginning. The prototype for the design rainwater pipe flap was honored with the reddot Design Award as early as 2012, and with the ifDesign Award in 2013. Then came the nomination for the German Design Award 2014 in June 2013. Thus roof drainage was well established as an important stylistic element of the facade, even in top-class circles of design experts.

Design rainwater pipe flap with tip seal


They are unique in design and shine when it comes to functionality, too: The cylinder-shaped designer rainwater pipe flap with high-quality polypropylene inset ensures a noble appearance. The integrated tip seal makes it easier to open and close the flap, and the easily removable sieve allows for convenient cleaning.


The top quality materials defy the most severe weather conditions, retaining their shape and remaining beautiful. Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 48922, A1, the polypropylene inset is also resistant to the most severe weather. The designer rainwater pipe flap also scores points with its DIN EN 612 certification and multiple prestigious accolades.


 GRÖMO design hopper | © GRÖMO


Well-designed and easy to assemble - an eye-catcher on the facade: The hopper’s modern and stylish shape is impressive. The upper edge no longer finishes in a bead, but with a soft fold. This design incorporates the styling of modern architecture and stabilizes the hopper. It is innovatively manufactured without a soldered seam, and is quickly mounted thanks to the mounting bracket optionally included in delivery.


Machine-based production ensures a high degree of precision, tightness, and reliability. The hopper was nominated for the German Design Award 2015.