STG pipe bracket support

The STG pipe bracket support is a high-quality fastener that was specially developed for mounting on walls with thermal insulation systems. It consists of rust-proof stainless steel and has an elastic rubber inset. This holds the pipe bracket bolt in place and simultaneously provides thermal separation for the downpipe and acoustic separation for the brickwork.

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Material / Nominal Size
Stainless steel
80-120 120-160 160-200 200-240 240-320
54240 2

GRÖMO® STG Pipe Bracket Support, 80-120
made from stainless steel, 80-120mm, delivery and professional installation.

54241 2

GRÖMO® STG Pipe Bracket Support, 120-160
made from stainless steel, 120-160mm, delivery and professional installation.

54242 2

GRÖMO® STG Pipe Bracket Support, 160-200
made from stainless steel, 160-200mm, delivery and professional installation.

54243 2

GRÖMO® STG Pipe Bracket Support, 200-240
made from stainless steel, 200-240mm, delivery and professional installation.

54244 1

GRÖMO® STG Pipe Bracket Support, 200-320
made from stainless steel, 200-320mm, delivery and professional installation.

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