Company anniversary

Roof drainage specialist GRÖMO celebrates their 130th anniversary

GRÖMO emerged from the humble beginnings of an innovative craft workshop in 1888. What would today be called a “startup” has grown over 130 years into a leading manufacturer of roof drainage components with over 100 employees. Quality and tradition are the hallmarks of the company that has successfully held its own on the market for over a century.

A success story – Made in Allgäu

In 1888, master tinsmith Karl Theodor Rösle laid the foundations for two successful companies, today known as Rösle GmbH & Co. KG and Grömo GmbH & Co. KG. He had discovered the advantages of industrial manufacturing early on. His foundation of the companies was marked by a forward-thinking attitude, which remains a trait of both companies to this day. Before long, he had tapped into new areas of business and alongside the manufacture of components for construction and roofing, he also concentrated on manufacturing cooking utensils starting in 1903, a branch of the business that became the Rösle GmbH & Co. KG of today. In 2002, the roof drainage division finally transformed into the Grömo GmbH & Co. KG of today. Despite the separation, the economic link and proximity remain. Both companies are still located in Marktoberdorf in Allgäu today.

The brand with the star

Thanks to ongoing technical advancement, a pioneering spirit and the best quality, GRÖMO has subsequently established itself as a premium brand. With their knowledge of the growing challenges involved in roofing, GRÖMO is always developing more ground-breaking innovations and novelties. Ingenious product details and highly functional precision work make it easier for tinsmiths and roofers to do their jobs - be it minor changes to the geometry, an additional groove, an extra spring or a prepared opening. These details are crucial to tinsmiths and roofers in selecting their materials. “We may be moving in a highly competitive market, but we are excellently positioned”, says Henning Klempp, Managing Director of GRÖMO, summarising the situation.

The GRÖMO tinsmith star adorns all GRÖMO products and has become a well-known brand logo. Many customers just ask for “the nozzle with the GRÖMO star”.

Distinguished design

GRÖMO roof drainage components are winning products not just because of their functional utility, but they also help enrich the beautiful appearance of any building. This makes GRÖMO components an excellent design element on the front of a building, and even more, a statement in modern architecture. Numerous distinctions from leading juries attest to the high-quality design.

In 2012, GRÖMO products were recognised for the first time with a design award. The rainwater pipe flap, which has often been described as a real gem, received two prizes for its innovative appearance and was also nominated for the German Design Award. The water hopper is also inspiring with both its high level of functionality and its special aesthetics.

Sustainability in practice

Along with the continual further development of all products and the advancement of market innovations, the company consistently relies on sustainability in all its processes. This is expressed at the personal level through low employee turnover and at the production level through exceptionally efficient use of materials and internal generation of electricity. With the help of an environmental service provider, even waste disposal and recycling are handled in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

Made in Germany

Even 130 years after its founding, GRÖMO has always remained true to its roots. The company is firmly anchored in Allgäu and manufactures its roof drainage components exclusively at the product site in Marktoberdorf. Thanks to early investment in modern production facilities as well as work equipment and tools, the company has made history and set industry standards. The fully automated production facilities in the GRÖMO factory are some of the industry’s most modern in the world. “We are well set for the future and will continue to expand the Marktoberdorf location so that we can strengthen our competitive production and offer our customers our services for the long term”, says Klempp emphatically. “In doing so, we will also focus on digitalisation and Industry 4.0”. GRÖMO customers value “Made in Germany” not just because of the high quality, but primarily because of the high ability to supply goods. This means almost every item can be provided immediately ex warehouse. In addition, flexible production hours allow custom designs to be finished quickly.

Confident in the future

Ingenuity and a creative spirit have animated the company for 130 years and created a company culture that is open to suggestions and ideas from all its participants. “Along with our products and their high quality, GRÖMO never forgets the people who have stood behind GRÖMO and held faith with GRÖMO for many years”, says Klempp. Employees express their appreciation through strong motivation and commitment.

And the customers also appreciate that GRÖMO takes the needs of their craftspeople into account in all their decisions. Because GRÖMO continually pushes their partners to strive towards faster, more efficient and more successful work. But employee satisfaction and craftsmanship aren’t GRÖMO’s only top priorities; these also include reinforcing the brand by strengthening and expanding the potential customer base, as well as continually making business connections in the specialist trade. This is not planned in individual steps, however, but rather in the sense of continuous further development. In the course of this, the means of communication may have changed and new requirements have been adapted to. With flyers, brochures and even new websites, the focus has been on the future in terms of optics, content and technology. All information is provided through text, image and interactive 3D graphics. This makes it easier for customers to choose and use GRÖMO roof drainage components.

Even in terms of service, GRÖMO has taken another step towards the future with their newly designed gutter calculation programme. Because everyone who has ever had to work with standards knows how tedious it is to get these exactly right. With the new GRÖMO online tool, planners and craftspeople now have the ability to calculate gutter and drainpipe sizes without much effort by entering various parameters, and get an initial estimate of the material required.

GRÖMO can look forward to the coming years with full confidence. “I am feeling cheerful that we can continue to anticipate the challengers of the future with courage. Because with the knowledge of our overall package, we can act with confidence and help shape the industry”, says Klempp.