Universal Gutter expander half round

GRÖMO's Universal Channel Dilatation is a true all-rounder. Whether initial assembly or repair of old and brittle movement compensations. The Universal Dilatation can be easily glued into any semicircular channel. The corrugated dilatation area of the EPDM rubber reliably compensates for material expansions of up to 50 mm and prevents the dilatation from throwing up in the watercourse. The Universal Dilatation can easily be cut to the right gutter size. Pre-roughened adhesive surfaces guarantee a secure and durable connection. Simply grind and clean the gutter, attach the bead trim, glue - done.
The separately available bead trim provides effective protection against the ingress of water and dirt into the movement compensation.

Material / Nominal size 250-500
Rubber / plastic 50946

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